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A Trip Down Memory Lane in Portland Oregon

My husband grew up on the hill overlooking downtown Portland.  His father was an avid photographer, and I've endured many a slide show with photos from his parents' trips through Africa, and many other exotic spots.  But some of his best photos, at least to me, are the shots taken from their balcony over the city as it grew.  Since I've only lived in Portland for around 20 years, I've only seen it as a big city.  But in a time before skyscrapers, the views were very interesting, and I loved looking at the view of Mt. St. Helens before she blew her top. 


So when I found this website, I knew the Perkins kids, and other Portlanders (and future Portlanders) would enjoy seeing it as well. 


There's a little white castle on Buckingham street that was across the street from his family's home.    It is fun to see the view from above the castle (although it's shot too high to see his old house) 

Below is the copy attached to the photo on this marvelous website, Vintage Portland. 


Portland spreads out below Piggot’s Castle in this nice 1907 bird’s eye view. The 1892 castle still sits on SW Buckingham Drive and is visible up the hill from the foot of SW Broadway looking south. Broadway is seen here on the left.


Enjoy the views of Portland in these historic photographs!