Moving to Portland Restaurant review – Tastebud     We recently met friends in Multnomah Village for pizza – we'd heard a lot about Tastebud & love wood fired pizza, so we gave it a whirl. They don't take reservations, but there are a lot of nearby bars to grab a drink while you wait, and Tastebud will call your cell when […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information 2015 Holiday Events, Sports, New Movies & Shopping Portland Holiday Ale Festival December 2-6, 2015 Pioneer Courthouse Square Beaverton Tree Lighting & Holiday Open House December 4, 2015 4:30-6:30pm Beaverton City Library America's Largest Christmas Bazaar December 4-6, 2015 Portland EXPO Center Portland Christmas Ships Parade December 4-20, 2015 Various Locations 2015 Portland Spirit Cinnamon Bear Cruise Various Dates & Times EastBurn 2015 […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Waiting to Sell Your Home Until After the Holidays     Every year at this time, many homeowners decide to wait until after the holidays to put their home on the market for the first time. Others who already have their home on the market decide to take it off the market until after the holidays. Here are six great reasons not to wait: […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Best New Portland Restaurants October 2015 New Restaurants of note in Portland …   The St. Jack spin-off La Moule; (look at the wallpaper!) 2100 SE Clinton The new restaurant from former Little Bird executive chef Erik Van Kley, Taylor Railworks; and The Zipper, a buzzing complex of micro-eateries. The Oregonian says, "Dubbed "The Zipper," the former used car lot will be home to […]
Portland Oregon Timing is Everything Why you should LIST your House in the Fall!     Thinking about waiting till Spring to sell?  Capitalizing on the shortage of homes for sale in the market now, will translate into a better pricing situation than waiting until Spring.   In school we all learned the Theory of Supply and Demand. When the demand […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information What should you do to protect your home from “the big one?”   Today at lunch with clients we talked about the big earthquake scare that's been all over the news lately. Is  the "Big One" hitting Oregon in the near future?  In our lifetime?  How can we protect ourselves and be prepared? Mega earthquakes (8.7–9.2) occur regularly in the Pacific Northwest. The last mega quake that shook […]
Moving How is my home sale taxed? What about capital gains?     When it's time to sell your home, I start by preparing a seller's "net sheet," which outlines the sale price less your outstanding mortgage, pro-rated property taxes, etc.  Often people are worried about how much tax they're going to have to pay on that big (hopefully) number on the bottom line that says […]
Decorating Ideas 10 Summer Flower Arranging Tips Did you know I used to be a florist?  My mother owned a flower shop when I was growing up and one Mother's Day she just said, "Here, make an arrangement," and that was the start of my love of flower arranging.  It is one of my favorite summer activities.  Here are some hints for you […]
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Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Portland’s Hottest Neighborhoods! Courtesy of:  Portland Business Journal                     Portland's 25 hottest neighborhoods: Where homes are selling fastest (Q1 2015)       *hint…. Piedmont/Concordia wins!                           May 12, 2015, 10:40am PDT Updated: May 13, 2015, 2:48pm PDT             Click through the gallery to […]
Daily House Idea Seniors, is it time for a major de-cluttering?   Here's one of those grown-up topics that aren't lots of fun to think about, (like long term care) but is something we should start to prepare for as we age… what are our kids going to do if all of our stuff if we don't thin it out for them?   I've been there […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Your nest and your nest egg     Many believed that when the housing market crashed, so too would the desire of American’s to own a home again. Many reports have shown that, especially among younger generations, the American Dream of homeownership is still very much alive. Julián Castro, Secretary for HUD, recently summed up what it means to own a […]
Beautiful Houses How much is your new kitchen worth? Cost -vs- Value Report   It's finally here – the day I can share pictures of our new kitchen.  We've been working on it since October, and the lights finally went in yesterday, so I can post a pic!    I'm happy to talk about kitchens with you all day long!  We're in love with it, and are so […]
Daily House Idea 10 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring   The camillias are in already bloom & the daffodils and primroses are popping up in my front yard  – my first sign that spring is already on its way.  After a long, dark winter, spring's bright sun and warm winds are a breath of fresh air. The only downside? All that sunshine spotlights your […]
cary perkins Portland’s 10 Best Shopping Destinations Windermere Top Producer Cary Perkins   I'm so used to my usual haunts that I sometimes forget to shop in some of Portland's most unique, fun areas.  Thankfully, I have a visitor today who's an experienced shopper and would love to avoid the mainstream shops & concentrate on Portlandia. I did a tiny bit of […]
Portland Oregon Restaurants Ten downtown Portland spots to grab a bite while holiday shopping     It's that time of year when we like being downtown & feeling festive!  When you're worn out from carrying all those shopping bags, it's time for refreshments!  What sounds fun?  How about the ten restaurants below?  Happy Shopping! Article courtesy of Oregonlive MIX     Fredrick D. Joe   We come for the […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Vintage Oregon Wine Country Glamping   When planning your trip to Oregon, be sure to include a weekend in wine country! The Vintages is a trailer resort located in Dayton, among the rolling hills of Oregon’s wine country.   The "hotel" is a collection of 8 retro trailers grouped into a compact neighborhood on a 14-acre RV Park in Willamette […]
Beautiful Houses Do I need a permit when remodeling? This gorgeous kitchen remodel was entirely permitted by Washington County! When it’s time to remodel or make improvements to your home, you may wonder whether you need a permit. For many projects, having a permit from the city government is crucial because the changes to your home will then go on record with the city, […]
Selling Your home How to Avoid a $20,000 Housing Error   Don't assume that all houses (including yours) are good investments — because, frankly, many houses are not. Tell me if one of these thoughts has ever crossed your mind: "I'll live in this house for a few years, then rent it out, and then maybe sell it when it rises in value." "I'm going […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Shopping (one hour) delivery service launches in Portland, Beaverton & Aloha     Spotted in the Oregonian today, this article outlines plans for a grocery delivery service, starting next week in Portland! Instacart will announce plans Tuesday to make Portland the 13th market for its grocery shopping-and-delivery service that promises delivery within an hour. The company said it will serve much of the Portland area as […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Portland Real Estate Market Now, and What’s to Come     I've observed that there are a lot fewer agents in the office this month, as a lot of clients and their real estate brokers are on vacation.  Houses in certain price points are still flying off the market with multiple offers.  Homes over $1,000,000 are slower than they were in the spring.  I'm […]