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Portland Oregon In case you haven’t noticed, Portland is changing fast! Fascinating article in Portland Monthly about the changes coming to Portland – enjoy!  Portland is Changing Faster Than You Can Believe Here are five big game changers already in the works. Zach Dundas, Randy Gragg, and Brian Libby         Image: Amy Martin       1) Our River Is About to Get […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Spotlight on 97229 zip code     Statistics for the 97229 Zip Code through February 15, 2016   Properties for sale: 108 New Listings:  110 Sold Properties: 89 Pending:  97 Months of Inventory based on closed sales:112 Months of Inventory based on pending sales:  1.1 Absorption Rate (Closed Sales) %:  82.4 Absorption Rate (Pending Sales) %: 89.8 Average Active Listing […]
Moving How is my home sale taxed? What about capital gains?     When it's time to sell your home, I start by preparing a seller's "net sheet," which outlines the sale price less your outstanding mortgage, pro-rated property taxes, etc.  Often people are worried about how much tax they're going to have to pay on that big (hopefully) number on the bottom line that says […]
Beautiful Houses How much is your new kitchen worth? Cost -vs- Value Report   It's finally here – the day I can share pictures of our new kitchen.  We've been working on it since October, and the lights finally went in yesterday, so I can post a pic!    I'm happy to talk about kitchens with you all day long!  We're in love with it, and are so […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Portland Real Estate Market Now, and What’s to Come     I've observed that there are a lot fewer agents in the office this month, as a lot of clients and their real estate brokers are on vacation.  Houses in certain price points are still flying off the market with multiple offers.  Homes over $1,000,000 are slower than they were in the spring.  I'm […]
cary perkins Finding a vacant lot to build a house in Portland OR Update:  4/7/14   About two weeks after my blog post shown below, Brian Allen, owner of Windermere also addressed this issue in an interview with Portland Business Journal.  Please click through to the article.      3/24/14 Portland is running out of usable land for homebuilders.  You probably already knew that.  Our urban grown boundary […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Is there a new real estate bubble?     Portland is currently a very hot area for real estate. In fact, it is not unusual in several neighborhoods for there to be more than 5-10 or more offers for the same property, driving the price up 10% or more above asking price. People have asked whether this is an indicator of another […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Until Mortgage Rates Reach 10.5%, Buying Will Still Be Cheaper Than Renting The recent rise in mortgage rates has made buying a house a little more expensive: the increase in the 30-year fixed rate over the past month from 3.4% to 3.9% (Freddie Mac) raised the monthly payment on a $200,000 mortgage by $56, or 6%. However, because mortgage rates are still near long-term lows, and because […]
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cary perkins What’s Happening in Real Estate?   NOW is a wonderful time to sell your house!          Portland Oregon Real Estate Information, House Ideas, Portland Oregon Highlights. Caryperkins.com
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Time to Reality Check the Real Estate Market Time to Reality Check the Real Estate Market  by OB Jacobi   Rarely does a day go by that I don’t get asked if this is a good time to buy and/or sell a home. Some people might think that my response is always an emphatic “YES!” because I work in real estate. But in […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Portland Real Estate continues to rebound .   The rebound in the residential real estate market continued in September, according to new data from the Regional Multiple Listing Service. In the Portland area, 1,894 homes sold in September, a 19 percent increase from September last year. The average sale price climbed nearly 5 percent to $281,400. Median price increased 3 percent […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Portland Housing Prices are going up   Home prices, including distressed sales, rose 4.6 percent nationwide in August compared to a year earlier, the largest year-over-year increase since July 2006. The August increase marks the sixth-consecutive monthly home price increase. In the Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro metro area, home prices, including distressed sales, were up 4 percent in August compared to a year earlier […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information How’s the Portland OR real estate market doing? The National Association of Realtors has released the following stats for the 2nd quarter of 2012.  I continue to be busy, but never too busy to help someone new.  
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Mortgage Closing Costs Fell 7% Over the Past Year       I have a feeling that we will look back on this time and wish we had bought more real estate.  Prices are still declining just a tiny bit in SW Portland (though rising in other parts of town) and interest rates are still AMAZINGLY low.  Now there's even more reason to get […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Where are housing prices headed?   Everyone seems to be asking their professional Realtor’s prediction is on where home values are headed.  To answer this question I want to quote three separate reports that have been published in the last 60 days: the Home Price Expectations Survey (HPES), the Urban Land Institute Real Estate Consensus Forecast (ULI) and the Demand Institute’s […]
cary perkins Insufficient inventory!     Please call me if I can help.    
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Rent or Buy? Each quarter, Fannie Mae releases their National Housing Survey. They survey the American public on a multitude of questions concerning today’s housing market. We like to pull out some of the findings we deem most interesting each time it is released. Here they are for the most recent report: 84% of the general population believes […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Excellent article on the Real Estate Rebound Maybe you think Realtors are being optimistic when we say that the market is coming back. We are, I believe, optimists by nature. This job isn’t for the faint of heart, especially in the last few years when up to 40% of the Realtors left the business. But here is Barrons joining in our argument […]
Beautiful Houses Cost -vs- Value on Home Remodeling Get started on those home repairs, knowing what type of return they’ll have when selling your house. From a minor kitchen remodel & cabinet re-facing -vs- major kitchen with new cabinets, and from attics to basements, this report is a useful guide explaining what you can expect to recoup during your home sale.  If spiffing […]
cary perkins The Buyer’s Market is Coming to a close….a MUST read! As inventory levels off, and buyers try to take advantage of the record-breaking low interest rates, Sellers are finding themselves in an advantageous position for the first time in a few years.  But that position may be short-lived.  Shadow inventory (foreclosures that the banks had been forced by the Feds to hold back to help […]