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Tired of losing your phone or keys?



This is it. The technological breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. The one you can’t believe hadn’t been invented already. The one that probably deserves a trumpet and a choir singing hosannas.


So let’s say you’ve lost your keys. Here’s how this works, not necessarily in this order:

  • One: Download the myBiKN app from BiKN (you’ll want to pronounce that “beacon”) on your iPhone.
  • Two: Slip the smart case onto your iPhone.
  • Three: Attach the BiKN tags to your valuables. (By the way, we’re giving you two more than the standard kit—so that’s four in total.)
  • Four: If something goes missing, the app will then show you the right direction and distance to walk in to find your stuff. Think of it as a digital treasure map. The electronic tags you’ve attached to said valuables will also start beeping, letting you know exactly which side of the couch you should be searching.
  • Five: If the reverse occurs (i.e., your phone mysteriously disappears), you can use the electronic tags to find the damn thing.


And voilà: the easiest way to never lose anything again. And naturally, Perks is getting it to you for something less than the going rate…


And best of all, here’s a link to get it on sale, thanks to my friends at Urban Daddy.  They have it for $135 (for a limited time only) instead of the list price of $170.

For more information, and details on the product, see

I know a few people who definitely need this.  Is their one in your life?


source:  Thanks!