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Transform your room for less than $100


Remember the stenciling from the 80's?  Little country cabins and vines & hearts?  I shudder to think of some of the sponge and rag painting that used to pass for cool. 




Nowadays, you hardly ever hear of anyone stenciling or faux painting, and wallpaper has actually made a comeback.   When I'm touring houses, I literally swoon over some of the gorgeous papers I've seen.  Who would use a stencil when wallpaper manufacturers have made it so easy for us to add drama so simply?




Me!  I'm dying to use one of these stencil designs in our  master bedroom!  Every one of these photos are stenciled walls. 


These aren't your 80's stencils, and one can transform their room at 1/100th the cost of wallpaper. 



My client used this houndstooth pattern in her bathroom and it was fabulous~! 



Don't be shy.  Order a stencil today and transform your room for under $100!  Prices start around $13 for simple medallions and go to around $65 f0r the birch trees shown above. 

These stencils, and hundreds more, can be purchased at www.cuttingedgestencils.com.


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