cary perkinsPortland Oregon Realtor November 6, 2012

Giving Thanks for Love

It can sometimes be difficult helping people through the emotional decisions and proceedings as they buy and sell their houses.  Certain people rise to the occasion, and others try to drag you downwhen they get tired, grouchy or worried.  I've experienced both lately. 


Years ago I was told that I'd meet "givers" and "takers," and to try to stick with the "givers."  (I don't mean material gifts – I'm talking about their spirits.)  Below are little notes from two "givers" who I have had the pleasure of working with recently.  They both arrived yesterday, and they absolutely made my day, especially after wrestling with my feelings after a "taker" got super grouchy last week.  It's no surprise that these "giver" clients were referred from other clients and friends who are also "givers." 


"  Dear Cary,

You are amazing! I can't thank you enough for working so hard for us through this entire process. We knew from the get-go you were a stellar realtor, but honestly, you are such a good friend too. We are so blessed to be working with you! You really are our Care Bear 🙂 "


Nghi & Aaron



For everything, over and over. You are such a gem. Pure sunshine.

It was so lovely to see you today, as always.

Have a great week and weekend.

I don't have words for how much I appreciate you.

Best to you always 🙂







I'm giving thanks for having the opportunity to work with such lovely people!!


Giving Thanks for Love is the name of the Linda Cote print at the top of this post.  This beautiful print is available on greeting cards for $5 here, at Linda Cote Studio Printmaking.  I'm going to order some today!