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Current Portland Real Estate Market Information The Fed Raised Interest Rates. Now what?       You may have heard that the Federal Reserve raised rates last week… But what does that mean if you are looking to buy a home in the near future? Many in the housing industry have predicted that the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), the policy-making arm of the Federal Reserve, would vote […]
Beautiful Houses Brass is Back! I've read about it but I haven't seen much of it yet.  Until yesterday on Realtor tour when I spotted a fabulous example of the new brass that's back in style.  Don't get excited.  Your shiny brass doorknobs and faucets (and god forbid your shower door trim) has GOT to go.    But if you […]
Beautiful Houses NW Portland Walking Tours       Once spring arrives, Portland starts looking its prettiest!   Our native rhododendron, azaleas, camillias, quince, magnolias, apple and cherry blossoms seem to brighten every path, street and yard.  It's a beautiful time for a walking tour.  Even if it drizzles a little bit, there are plenty of places to pop into for […]
Beautiful Houses A Portland Real Estate Year in Review   Thank you for your business and all your referrals… what a wondeful year it was.     Portland Oregon Real Estate Information, House Ideas, Portland Oregon Highlights. Caryperkins.com…  A Windermere Top Producer….Fun With Real Estate by Cary Perkins
Buying property without ever seeing it Buying a Home Sight-Unseen     While not for the faint of heart, some out-of-town home buyers just can't be there to see every new listing, and have to make the offer without having seen the house.  This requires a high level of trust, and the Realtor must be very careful to guide, but not sell.  (Though it helps […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Q & A – What if we don’t get any offers?             My clients are full of questions.  People I meet socially are full of real estate questions.  Everybody has a question about real estate.  Here's a good one with a simple answer.     Q:  Sometimes you have a fabulous house, priced where the market statistics tell you it should […]
Daily House Idea Chirping Smoke Detector   You know that annoying chirp when a smoke alarm battery is at the end of its life?  It's not unusual to open up a vacant home and have the tweeting accompany your showing.   I think this would make it OK.    Replace your flying saucer shaped smoke detector with this darling bird!  Available […]
cary perkins Giving Thanks for Love It can sometimes be difficult helping people through the emotional decisions and proceedings as they buy and sell their houses.  Certain people rise to the occasion, and others try to drag you downwhen they get tired, grouchy or worried.  I've experienced both lately.    Years ago I was told that I'd meet "givers" and "takers," […]
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