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Windermere is Paperless!



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In a paper-driven business that requires a LOT of forms, (if you've done a transaction lately, you'll know exactly what I mean) it takes a forward-thinking company to get rid of the paper.   I'm so happy to say that Windermere in Portland has taken the leap. 


Starting today, all transactions will be handled without the bulky paper files.  Our notes,  correspondence, and all transaction paperwork will be stored and instantly backed up and encrypted in secure servers in multiple locations worldwide!  Having numerous back-ups besides our local server is especially reassuring when dealing with such important documents. 


Not only is our system secure, it is totally customized to the Windermere way.  (We follow strict guidelines about paperwork – our commission checks are dependent upon perfect files -well ahead of what is frequently the case in the industry.) 


Our paperless transactions are also web-based, so that no matter where we are, we can instantly access a contract, a page of notes, or a home inspection report and deal with it from in the field, where, if you're a busy Realtor, you will most often find yourself.


What this means for my clients is a smoother experience and the knowledge that no matter what or when they need it, I have access to their transaction file – even if it's years later and they have an important  question or wondered who was the contractor who fixed their plumbing, it's at my fingertips.


For me, it's like a silent assistant organizing my paperwork and file drawers.  Not only that, it sends me a message to get a signature or submit a document to the escrow agent or lender. 


No more paper waste, faxes and copies,  This is revolutionary!


Once again, it makes me really proud to be working with Windermere – one of our country's top-notch Brokers. 





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