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Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2018 – How does the new plan affect you? Mortgage interest on mortgage loans up to $750,000 can be deducted on primary and second homes.  This dropped from $1,000,000 but it’s not as bad as the first round (eliminating the deduction entirely) and at least you can get a lot of house with a $750,000 loan in Portland! Your home equity loan is no […]
Best Time to Sell Your House List your house EARLY in the year to decrease competition! It is common knowledge that a large number of homes sell during the spring-buying season. For that reason, many homeowners hold off on putting their homes on the market until then. The question is whether or not that will be a good strategy this year. The other listings that do come out in the spring […]
buying a home Importance of Loan Pre-Approval….especially in 2017         In many markets across the country, the number of buyers searching for their dream homes greatly outnumbers the amount of homes for sale. This has led to a competitive marketplace where buyers often need to stand out. One way to show you are serious about buying your dream home is to […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information The Fed Raised Interest Rates. Now what?       You may have heard that the Federal Reserve raised rates last week… But what does that mean if you are looking to buy a home in the near future? Many in the housing industry have predicted that the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), the policy-making arm of the Federal Reserve, would vote […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Portland’s Best (Super Affordable) Happy Hours   photo credit to (Henry Cromett)   I love a good night out after work.  Now that we don’t have kids at home, we can do it any night of the week!  Yet I’m always scratching my head trying to decide where to go.  Do you do that?  So annoying to forget the name of […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information What’s Happening in my Neighborhood? The Gypsy The Gypsy bar and restaurant on the corner of NW 21st and Irving closed in 2014, and as of this week the building is officially being torn down to make room for a new 4-story, 57-unit apartment building. In addition to the residential space, there will be 10,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground level and […]
cary perkins A 7-Day Itinerary for the PDX Newbie   This article by Wannabe Portlandy (, offers some great suggestions for showing your friends & family around our fabulous city of Portland.   Downtown Portland – Broadway  Every year, I get requests from friends and followers to create Portland itineraries for them. This is something that I enjoy doing and I go the extra mile […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Homes of the Future Imagine how fun it will be to design your own custom home and have it 3-D printed!  Article courtesy of  Clare Trapasso, How 3-D Printers Will Lower Prices, Make Fantasies Real, and Transform the Housing Market Printers have come a long way from simply churning out reams of spreadsheets, high school history reports, and […]
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Current Portland Real Estate Market Information New Light Rail Line – SW Corridor Plan       The SW Corridor refers to the large area extending from SW Portland down I-5 to Sherwood, an area which is growing quickly yet lacks public transportation options to keep up with the increasing traffic. The upcoming SW Corridor plan includes the addition of a new Max line that would extend from the South Waterfront all the way […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Spotlight on 97229 zip code     Statistics for the 97229 Zip Code through February 15, 2016   Properties for sale: 108 New Listings:  110 Sold Properties: 89 Pending:  97 Months of Inventory based on closed sales:112 Months of Inventory based on pending sales:  1.1 Absorption Rate (Closed Sales) %:  82.4 Absorption Rate (Pending Sales) %: 89.8 Average Active Listing […]
Beautiful Houses Design Trends to Watch for 2016 What are the hot trends to look out for in 2016 in home design? Here are a few predictions from the remodeling and design site Houzz on some of the big trends to expect.  Article courtsey of: Melissa Dittmann Tracey, REALTOR® Magazine Contemporary Kitchen by Brooklyn Architects & Building Designers Maletz Design  1. Two shades of kitchen […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Thank you for recommending me Nothing influences people more than a recommendation by a trusted friend.  I'm so grateful that you continue to give my name to your friends and colleagues! Thank you!
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information 2015 Holiday Events, Sports, New Movies & Shopping Portland Holiday Ale Festival December 2-6, 2015 Pioneer Courthouse Square Beaverton Tree Lighting & Holiday Open House December 4, 2015 4:30-6:30pm Beaverton City Library America's Largest Christmas Bazaar December 4-6, 2015 Portland EXPO Center Portland Christmas Ships Parade December 4-20, 2015 Various Locations 2015 Portland Spirit Cinnamon Bear Cruise Various Dates & Times EastBurn 2015 […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Waiting to Sell Your Home Until After the Holidays     Every year at this time, many homeowners decide to wait until after the holidays to put their home on the market for the first time. Others who already have their home on the market decide to take it off the market until after the holidays. Here are six great reasons not to wait: […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Best New Portland Restaurants October 2015 New Restaurants of note in Portland …   The St. Jack spin-off La Moule; (look at the wallpaper!) 2100 SE Clinton The new restaurant from former Little Bird executive chef Erik Van Kley, Taylor Railworks; and The Zipper, a buzzing complex of micro-eateries. The Oregonian says, "Dubbed "The Zipper," the former used car lot will be home to […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information What should you do to protect your home from “the big one?”   Today at lunch with clients we talked about the big earthquake scare that's been all over the news lately. Is  the "Big One" hitting Oregon in the near future?  In our lifetime?  How can we protect ourselves and be prepared? Mega earthquakes (8.7–9.2) occur regularly in the Pacific Northwest. The last mega quake that shook […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Portland’s Hottest Neighborhoods! Courtesy of:  Portland Business Journal                     Portland's 25 hottest neighborhoods: Where homes are selling fastest (Q1 2015)       *hint…. Piedmont/Concordia wins!                           May 12, 2015, 10:40am PDT Updated: May 13, 2015, 2:48pm PDT             Click through the gallery to […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Your nest and your nest egg     Many believed that when the housing market crashed, so too would the desire of American’s to own a home again. Many reports have shown that, especially among younger generations, the American Dream of homeownership is still very much alive. Julián Castro, Secretary for HUD, recently summed up what it means to own a […]
cary perkins Portland’s 10 Best Shopping Destinations Windermere Top Producer Cary Perkins   I'm so used to my usual haunts that I sometimes forget to shop in some of Portland's most unique, fun areas.  Thankfully, I have a visitor today who's an experienced shopper and would love to avoid the mainstream shops & concentrate on Portlandia. I did a tiny bit of […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Vintage Oregon Wine Country Glamping   When planning your trip to Oregon, be sure to include a weekend in wine country! The Vintages is a trailer resort located in Dayton, among the rolling hills of Oregon’s wine country.   The "hotel" is a collection of 8 retro trailers grouped into a compact neighborhood on a 14-acre RV Park in Willamette […]