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Beautiful Houses Use of potted bamboo to screen unsightly neighbors   When you could look at this…………….     Using potted bamboo is a lifesaver when you have something unattractive going on next door.   If you’d like to see this gorgeous Pearl Condo in The Casey, let me know!     Pin It
Beautiful Houses House Idea of the Day
Beautiful Houses House Idea of the Day   This gorgeous porch is good year round, if you’re in Oregon or another temperate climate.
Beautiful Houses House Idea of the Day Mirrors on the Ceiling, Pink Champagne on Ice Look at what the mirrors on the ceiling do for this sun room!  The effect in person was even more stunning.  I’d want to remove the desk and put in some gorgeous lounge chairs and spend the afternoon reading there, or entertaining.  What a glorious room for […]
Beautiful Houses House Idea of the day If you have a way to create a loft area out of attic space, wouldn’t your kids love this?   *thanks Pinterest, for the uncredited photo*
Beautiful Houses House Idea of the day   What do you do with a knotty pine room?   Few people enjoy this historic wall treatment anymore, and often it’s found in some of the most interesting, original properties with otherwise great bones.   Savvy clients of mine painted this room a deep, chocolate brown and added a pierced silver lantern.  Wouldn’t you […]
Beautiful Houses Daily House Idea Treat your boys’ bathrooms with a little humor.  
Beautiful Houses Gone are the colors of Tuscany….   People always ask me what’s new in colors, appliances, fixtures, and surfaces.   Here’s a color tip for you.  It’s time to get rid of the Tuscany gold, crimson and sage green.   Things have gone russet, nimbus or storm cloud gray, red has transitioned to persimmon, and you haven’t seen this much blue […]
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