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Beautiful Houses Garden & landscape news from one of Portland’s finest. What’s new in the garden world? I had the pleasure of hearing Lucy Hardiman speak last week at our Windermere Premiere Forum. She’s a highly-regarded garden designer, who gave us a great presentation of “before and after” slides of local gardens. She packed a lot of tips and ideas into the talk, and I came away motivated to get into my […]
Beautiful Houses Gorgeous House Pictures to Drool Over   mediterranean exterior design by phoenix landscape architect Exteriors By Chad Robert Joel Kelly Design contemporary bedroom design by new york interior designer Glenn Gissler Design modern exterior design by boston architect Hammer Architects modern living room design by san francisco architect SB Architects modern exterior design by los angeles architect Ehrlich Architects tropical patio […]
cary perkins Moving to Portland Oregon What better way to explore Portland than through pictures?  I’ve been collecting scenes from Portland, and have started to keep a file on a Pinterest page.  You can find it by clicking here.   Check back often, or subscribe to my Pinterest page.  You’ll also find pages on mid-century love, do-it-yourself ideas, restaurants, and awesome […]
Beautiful Houses Laundry Room Extraordinaire contemporary laundry room design by other metros Venetian Stone Gallery Perfect storage, crafts, gift wrapping.  I imagine those cupboards hold some ready-to-go gifts, fun package trims and hostess gifts at the ready.  This room is a real treat!
cary perkins The Buyer’s Market is Coming to a close….a MUST read! As inventory levels off, and buyers try to take advantage of the record-breaking low interest rates, Sellers are finding themselves in an advantageous position for the first time in a few years.  But that position may be short-lived.  Shadow inventory (foreclosures that the banks had been forced by the Feds to hold back to help […]
3.8 % Real Estate Tax The 3.8% Tax Effective January 2013          Beginning January 1, 2013, a new 3.8 percent tax on some investment income will take effect.  Since this new tax will affect some real estate transactions, it is important to clearly understand the tax and how it could impact your transaction.  If’s a complicated tax, so it’s hard to predict how […]
cary perkins Do You Pinterest? If you haven’t tried Pinterest, you should give it a whirl. It’s a “scrapbook” of ideas, all with links directly to their sources.  Of course, once you reach the source, you may find even more wonderful ideas on that website.  You can play for hours. For example, you can select the category “homes and decorating,” […]
cary perkins It’s an excellent time to invest in a rental property! Rental rates in Portland are rising, and availability is falling.  We’re now raked the 11th tightest rental market in the country.  Portland also  comes in fourth for job growth behind Austin, Houston and San Jose. Rents will increase on average 4 percent this year, according to this article. Home prices are at 2003 levels, interest […]
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Beautiful Houses House Idea of the Day – Appliances     Technology with style.   SMEG has the slickest kitchen designs, created by some of the most important architects and industrial designers of the world.   For over 60 years, SMEG has been creating distinctive domestic products and becoming internationally recognized for quality appliances with an eye for even the smallest detail. Gorgeous 50’s […]
cary perkins PODS & Other Portable Storage Options I can’t tell you how many times I’ve recommended PODS to my sellers who are feeling overwhelmed with clutter, storage, and the sifting of possessions that comes with moving.  Figuring out where to store things while the house is being shown is of great concern, but a POD, or portable storage unit is a pretty […]
Beautiful Houses Front Door Privacy without the use of drapes or blinds   It’s pretty inexpensive and easy to apply an opaque film or etched glass to your front door with just a little slit for peeking.  I loved the looks of this on a recent home tour and wanted to share it – and also to remember it for the side panels next to my front […]
cary perkins Investment buyers – take note! The cost of renting has continued to climb, as the cost of real estate ownership has dropped during the last few years.  Now, with extremely low interest rates and greatly deflated housing prices, purchasing a rental property is becoming a popular notion again.  See the attached article for more info.
Beautiful Houses Amazing Tree House Hotels You can stay here and have beautiful dreams, or perhaps you can use these ideas and dream up something special for your own property.  Imagine having an elegant tree house for your guests, or for entertaining.  I’m sorry I can’t post the photos that are protected by copyright but please click on my link for […]
cary perkins 25 Clever Ideas to Make Life Easier Check out these simple ways to tidy up around the house, grow herbs and vegetables, organize your computer cords, or make your own microwave popcorn.   Which idea is your favorite? Pin It
Beautiful Houses House Idea of the Day This is a great use of a bonus room, often found above garages in late 90’s construction onward.  In addition to making it a huge playroom, how about bunking all your kids on one room?  I love the staircase.  Little book shelves for their reading, separate lights, and this is just about the smartest custom […]
cary perkins Portland Real Estate Market Outlook Reflecting on the local Portland Real Estate Market for 2011, the national news, and even the Oregonian’s reporting on the market in general tended to be more dismal than what was happening in close-in Portland where most of my clients live, and where I work.  It was frustrating that the overall state of the real […]
Beautiful Houses Use of potted bamboo to screen unsightly neighbors   When you could look at this…………….     Using potted bamboo is a lifesaver when you have something unattractive going on next door.   If you’d like to see this gorgeous Pearl Condo in The Casey, let me know!     Pin It
Beautiful Houses House Idea of the Day
Beautiful Houses House Idea of the Day   This gorgeous porch is good year round, if you’re in Oregon or another temperate climate.
Beautiful Houses House Idea of the Day Mirrors on the Ceiling, Pink Champagne on Ice Look at what the mirrors on the ceiling do for this sun room!  The effect in person was even more stunning.  I’d want to remove the desk and put in some gorgeous lounge chairs and spend the afternoon reading there, or entertaining.  What a glorious room for […]