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Best Time to Sell Your House List your house EARLY in the year to decrease competition! It is common knowledge that a large number of homes sell during the spring-buying season. For that reason, many homeowners hold off on putting their homes on the market until then. The question is whether or not that will be a good strategy this year. The other listings that do come out in the spring […]
Portland Oregon Timing is Everything Why you should LIST your House in the Fall!     Thinking about waiting till Spring to sell?  Capitalizing on the shortage of homes for sale in the market now, will translate into a better pricing situation than waiting until Spring.   In school we all learned the Theory of Supply and Demand. When the demand […]
Moving How is my home sale taxed? What about capital gains?     When it's time to sell your home, I start by preparing a seller's "net sheet," which outlines the sale price less your outstanding mortgage, pro-rated property taxes, etc.  Often people are worried about how much tax they're going to have to pay on that big (hopefully) number on the bottom line that says […]
Daily House Idea Seniors, is it time for a major de-cluttering?   Here's one of those grown-up topics that aren't lots of fun to think about, (like long term care) but is something we should start to prepare for as we age… what are our kids going to do if all of our stuff if we don't thin it out for them?   I've been there […]
Daily House Idea 10 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring   The camillias are in already bloom & the daffodils and primroses are popping up in my front yard  – my first sign that spring is already on its way.  After a long, dark winter, spring's bright sun and warm winds are a breath of fresh air. The only downside? All that sunshine spotlights your […]
Selling Your home How to Avoid a $20,000 Housing Error   Don't assume that all houses (including yours) are good investments — because, frankly, many houses are not. Tell me if one of these thoughts has ever crossed your mind: "I'll live in this house for a few years, then rent it out, and then maybe sell it when it rises in value." "I'm going […]
Buying property without ever seeing it Godzillow!     I heard an interesting story yesterday about Chinese real estate purchases in the USA.  Sure, I had talked about it recently at a friend's house over dinner with a business partner who mentioned his Chinese clients were dropping a million on a house every time they came to the US. But I hadn't […]
Moving Q & A: What if I have a stupid question about Real Estate?     My clients will sometimes say, "I've got a stupid question for you…. what does <insert odd real estate term> mean?   Of course I always respond that there is no stupid question in this process.  This is a big deal, buying and selling a house, and one should never feel that they don't […]
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Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Q & A: How much is my kitchen remodel worth when I sell? 2013 Cost -vs- Value   Q:  We've just put in a ton of work on a new kitchen, and now it's time to sell.  How much can we actually recoup from our expense?   A:  Here is a link to the Remodeling Magazine Cost -VS- Value Comparison Tool.  It lists costs for all areas of the US, and you […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Q & A: What is a Short Sale?   Q&A:  What exactly is a short sale?   A short sale occurs when a bank agrees to accept less than the total amount owed on a mortgage to avoid having to foreclose on the property.  This is not a new practice; banks have been doing short sales for years.  Only during the past four […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Q & A – What if we don’t get any offers?             My clients are full of questions.  People I meet socially are full of real estate questions.  Everybody has a question about real estate.  Here's a good one with a simple answer.     Q:  Sometimes you have a fabulous house, priced where the market statistics tell you it should […]
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Time to get moving.             Time to get moving.    Click link for more info!     Portland Oregon Real Estate Information, House Ideas, Portland Oregon Highlights.            
Current Portland Real Estate Market Information Selling your Home during the Holidays? Selling During The Holidays? During the holidays, many sellers withdraw their properties from the market and wait until January to re-list. Most often, it’s because of family visits and holiday celebrations. Let's face it – who wants to keep their house clean enough for buyers when you're in the midst of baking, wrapping presents and […]